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Grid Square Locator Calculator

Need to know your IARU locator? Use this simple online utility to quickly find it by entering the National Grid Reference for your location and clicking "Calculate".
This calculator works for all locations in the United Kingdom.

NGR to IARU Locator

Enter full National Grid Reference:
A full 8-character NGR is required (e.g. SU338855).
Enter with no spaces between characters.

      IARU Locator:

Your browser must support Javascript for this calculator to work.
(c) 1985,1999 N.P. Taylor

What is a Grid Locator?

An instrument of the Maidenhead Locator System (named after the town outside London where it was first conceived by a meeting of European VHF managers in 1980), a grid square measures 1 latitude by 2 longitude and measures approximately 70 100 miles. A grid square is indicated by two letters (the field) and two numbers (the square)

Each square is further divided into  subsquares and designated by the addition of two letters after the grid square, e.g. AB12cd.

Here is our Club location:

National Grid reference -       SD563100
Decimal degrees -                Lat: 53.58518 N   Lon: 2.66060 W
Degrees minutes seconds-  53 35' 7" N   2 39' 38" W
IARU Locator -                      IO 83 qo


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